Ways to fall asleep and stay asleep

I have managed to develop the most unhealthy sleep schedule. I can never manage to fall asleep and stay asleep. Every night I am up late. I’m talking like 3am or 4am and then I am sleeping in until 10-11am. Thankfully I usually work evenings at work 😂. If you really wanna know it is currently 1:27 am and I decided to start writing this post.

Now this isn’t an every night occurrence but I say about 5 out of 7 nights a week I struggle to either fall asleep or to stay asleep.When I can’t sleep I find myself searching through Pinterest and Google on ways to fall asleep. This probably does not help as I am now laying in bed at 3am staring at my phone screen. I don’t know about you but I certainly have never seen anyone sleep with their eyes open ( Creepy 👀) .

I know I’m not the only one as I personally know people like me who struggle with their sleep and I’m sure you have at one point in your life too. If you haven’t I’m jealous. Why does it seem like all men can fall asleep mid conversation and sitting up?

With all this extra time not sleeping and searching for ways to sleep, I have managed to come up with some ways that help me to fall asleep and to stay asleep.

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1. Your bed is for sleeping.

girl in bed asleep

This might sound weird but try to use your bed mainly for sleep. I have a bad habit of laying in bed when I’m bored or I have a TV in my room so sometimes I will lay there and binge watch a show. This is a terrible idea! The more you spend time doing things in bed that do not involve sleeping the more likely you are to not be able to fall asleep once your in bed. If you wanna watch TV go sit on your couch.

2. Don’t sleep near your phone.

This is another bad habit and my grandmother freaks anytime she hears that I do this but stop sleeping with your phone in your bed.I am always on my phone in bed, scrolling through Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest then when I’m done I’ll plug my phone in and set it next to me in my bed. I know how dangerous this can be and I DO NOT recommend. Seriously sometimes my phone randomly get super hot and this is a real fire hazard. So stop doing this.

The best thing to do is to not even take your phone into bed with you plug it in on the other side of the room or at least somewhere you would have to get up to reach it. If I’ve been laying there for a bit and can’t sleep I just instinctively grab my phone. Also look on your phone for an option to turn off the blue light. On my phone it is called eye comfort. Blue light is known to keep your body awake. Do this in the evening to help your body wind down.

Now I know lots of people use their phones for alarm clocks and no one wants to jump out of bed and go across the room to shut it off. Especially if you work early and your significant other/children are trying to sleep. I bought an alarm clock like this to set on my bedside table which works perfectly for me. Be aware though it is loud. There are plenty of great alarm clocks on Amazon though.A bit old school with today’s fancy technology but less screen time in bed will lead to an easier time falling asleep.

Besides just not trying to fall asleep next to your phone make it a habit to put away all electronics before you try to sleep. A lot of people recommend like 3 hours but honestly that would be hard for me and probably a lot of others so maybe just start with an hour.

3. Cut your caffeine to help you fall asleep!

cut out caffeine to fall asleep

The amount of caffeine people drink these days is insane. Especially you coffee drinkers! Now I love my Pepsi so I know I couldn’t cut it out but it does help to cut back.

If your wanting to fall asleep at a half decent time I would suggest no caffeine after 3 or 4 pm . This gives your body enough time to kind of wind down and relax.

Sometimes cutting back on caffeine can be hard. If I go too long without it I get bad headaches, so just try and cut back slowly. If you can cut it completely out too that would be even better for you!

4. If you can’t fall asleep, do something else!

There is no point in laying in bed for hours staring at the ceiling just hoping that you will be able to fall asleep.

If you are laying there for more than 30 minutes try doing something relaxing and then trying to fall asleep again. Try and do something that needs low light and is not super stimulating. That means no dance parties at 3 am.Get up and move to a comfy chair and read a chapter in a book. If you don’t like reading maybe just take the time to write in a journal. Bullet journaling is something I just recently got into and it is very relaxing. Here are some great supplies like a journal and pens to get you started.

Just find something to do that doesn’t require to much energy and do it for 15-20 minutes and then try and go back to bed. 

5. Put on some relaxing music, podcast or meditation audio.Music to help you fall asleep

I find if I can’t sleep listening to something in the background is nice. My advice would be to find something soothing before bed and that you aren’t too into. I once tried to listen to a podcast I actually enjoy and was just laying in the dark laughing listening to every word. After laying awake for a full 45 minute episode I figured it was best to turn it off.

The best way to find something to listen to is just searching through whatever music streaming app you use. I personally use Spotify! If you don’t have an app you use there are tons of great videos available on YouTube as well. All you have to do is search up sleep and you will find playlists of relaxing sleep music and meditation.For podcasts I just recommend listening to a few during the day and find one that you like but that you isn’t too upbeat .

6. Stick to a schedule!

I’m a shift worker so I know how difficult this can be. But going to bed and waking up at different times everyday is hard on your body. Try your best to stick to a schedule the majority of the week.

I know everyone loves to sleep in on the weekends and usually go to bed later but try and keep that consistent too. Say you go to bed at 10pm on the weekdays and wake up at 7:30am keep it that way everyday. Then on the weekends you can push the times a little bit maybe to 11:30pm and 9am.

7. Try some melatonin to help fall asleep

According to, Melatonin is naturally made in the body and helps to regulate the sleep-wake cycle. It best to take this about an hour or 2 before you plan to go to bed. You should always start at the lowest dose usually a 1mg tablet and work your way up if needed. Usually up to about 10mg. Most melatonin is sold in 3mg tablets. Less is more in this case. I am not a Doctor but this does help me to sleep.

Melatonin is only for short term use though and if your on other medications you should always consult your Doctor or a Pharmacist.
Here are the melatonin tablets I use when I’m struggling to sleep.

8. Weighted blanket

I got my weighted blanket last year and it has been a game changer. I use it every single night. One of my struggles with falling asleep is that my mind is in overdrive thinking about things that happened, things I could change or stressing about things in the future. This causes me to move around a lot.

My mom bought me a 10lb weighted blanket and it is perfect. I am quite petite though. This blanket comes in lots of different weights though, perfect for everybody.I hope some of these tips help you to fall asleep and to stay asleep.

Looking for ways to stay awake and stop napping. Check out 45 things to do when you’re bored.

Let me know in the comments ways you use to fall asleep!


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  1. these tips are great! my sleeping schedule is all over the place bc of my illness but i will try to incorporate your tips into my night routine to see how it’ll work!

    1. Thank you! I hope they help you, its so important to get enough sleep. I use to struggle to sleep because of my medication.

  2. I’ve been meaning to try a weighted blanket for ages. It really sounds like it could be a game changer!

    1. I can’t sleep without mine now

  3. Journaling is such a good idea! Sometimes reading makes me fall asleep too.

    1. I really have been enjoying journaling lately

  4. Best advice ever! Thanks for sharing

    1. Your welcome !

  5. These are really good tips, during quarantine my sleeping schedule was kind of off too, I lounge a lot in my bed even when I’m not sleeping so I definitely think using your bed just for sleeping is helpful

    1. I am the same way! I’ve been trying to stay out of it tho

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