Ultimate Travel Bucket List


I have been dreaming of traveling forever now. While it is certainly not possible at this moment I have been researching places that I would love to visit when the time is right. I have compiled this Ultimate Travel Bucket List and thought I would share it with you guys.

With 195 countries in the world, it can be overwhelming to know where to travel to. It would be amazing if you could just pick up and visit every single one but for most people that is not possible. Whether you are looking for beautiful city views, spectacular sunsets, white sandy beaches, or wild adventures, there is somewhere on this ultimate travel bucket list for everyone.


Paris is known as the city of love. When someone mentions this place, one can’t help but think of romance. Not only this but it is filled with amazing art, culture, architecture, and cuisine. Visit the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower during the day, then visit a Bistro for an amazing meal in the evening.


Just the mention of Bali sounds amazing. One thinks of paradise, surrounded by beautiful temples, amazing surf conditions, great nightlife, and luxurious beach resorts. Visit Sanur to relax on the beach or the Uluwata Temple, a sea temple located in Uluwata. There are so many beautiful places to visit here.


Known for its rugged and weathered landscapes. If you are looking for adventure this is the place for you. After your fun-filled days settle down for some great food and of course some Irish Whiskey. Be sure to check out the Cliffs of Moher, Wicklow Mountains, and learn some history by taking a black taxi tour through West Belfast.

The Maldives

A collection of more than a thousand islands in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives are about as secluded as you can get. Picture perfect private villas surrounded by beautiful blue waters, white sandy beaches, and beautiful sunsets. Do some snorkeling, enjoy a spa day, or explore the capital of Malé. A perfect private island getaway.


A city full of ports, skyscrapers, and beautiful beaches, it is a great place for a sun-seeking tourist. Great if you are looking for a happening nightlife. Enjoy a camel ride or four-wheeling over the sandy dunes. There is something for everyone.

Bora Bora

A luxury destination, enjoy beautiful lagoons, gorgeous sunsets, and lush green scenery. Just thinking of this destination puts you in a relaxed state of mind. Scuba dive with the beautiful tropical fish, swim with the turtles, or enjoy a relaxing day at the spa. A week in Bora Bora will surely leave you feeling refreshed.

New York City

New York is a beautiful city, with tall buildings. It is filled with arts, food, fashion, and fantastic nightlife. Whether you want to explore the boutiques, see the amazing views from above, or love the arts, and are dying to see a Broadway show. There is something for everyone.


Beautiful waters and ancient towns are what you will find in Croatia. It is absolutely stunning. Travel to the stunning walled city of Dubrovnik, visit Plitvice Lake National Park, or wine and dine in Istria. You will definitely feel like you are in paradise here.


Jaipur is the capital city of India’s Rajasthan State. It is also known as the “Pink City” for its building colors. It is a beautiful tourist destination with tons of arts and crafts, such as jewelry, enamel, metalwork, and printed cloths.


Waikato is home to New Zealands richest agriculture. Discover the famous dairy and horse racing industries. It is named after New Zealands longest river. You may recognize the scenery from The Lord Of The Rings or The Hobbit movies. Explore the limestone caves and black sand beaches this region has to offer.


Visit Tokyo for a mix of culture, shopping, dining, and entertainment. From its historic temples to the Akihabara district, you will find a mix of something here for everyone. Take in the beauty of the public gardens and visit The Imperial Palace.


Explore Santorini and take it the breathtaking views of the whitewashed buildings and the piercing blue waters. Enjoy picture-perfect rooftop sunsets. Two million people visit Santorini each year. Enjoy a wine tasting, a spa day, or spend the day at one of the beautiful beaches located here.

Rio De Janeiro

As one of the world’s biggest cities, Rio De Janeiro is known for its beautiful location. Long crescent-shaped beaches and mountains make this spot a must-see. Visit Sugarloaf, which is one of the city’s best-known landmarks.

Where will you travel to next?

Dreaming of traveling. Click to read the ultimate travel bucket list.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Ireland is on the top of my list!!! I would love to go there!

    1. such a beautiful place!

  2. What a beautiful post with beautiful photos! I can’t wait to travel again.. so many on my list, Croatia, Greece, Bali, and the list goes on.. You gave me some new ones to think about too! 🙂

    1. Thank you!

  3. This gets my wanderlust going strong! And I LOVE Ciffs of Moher 🙂 (hence, my gravatar <—)

    1. Can’t wait to travel again!

  4. Going to spend time in the Maldives and NYC is on my list — I haven’t been on any kind of travel/vacation for so long (well over ten years) that I feel like I need to plan something for as soon as it is safe to do so! Thanks for sharing!

    1. It has been a while for me too! But I absolutely can’t wait 🙂

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