Top spots to explore when traveling to Prince Edward Island

There is nothing I love more than getting in my car on a warm summer day and driving to wherever I end up. I thought I’d compile a list of the top spots to explore when traveling to Prince Edward Island so you could visit them too.
( Btw these are in no specific order)

Cavendish Beach


Even though I have lived here for 25 years this was my first year at this beach. Living on an island means you’re surrounded by beautiful beaches and this one has got to be one of the nicest.

The Grist Mill


This place is super cool, it’s located in Hunter River just around the corner from the gas station. This was another first for me this summer. Definitely, a cool spot to check out though. Just be careful as it is private property ( AKA don’t go past the signs 😋)

The Bottle Houses


Writing this I’ve discovered I went to a lot of places this summer. These are all made of glass bottles and you can walk inside and explore. It is located in Cape Egmont and is such a neat spot. I’ll just insert more pictures as it is too hard to describe how beautiful this place really is.



Avonlea Village


This spot is a classic PEI tourist stop. A couple of years ago it was home to a small “village” from the Anne of Green Gables books but now it has been redone using the original buildings into a collection of gift shops and restaurants. Not as cool as seeing characters from the book walking around but a cute spot to check out! Also found in Cavendish so you can hit up some more Anne destinations.

Greenwich National Park


This place is beautiful. It is definitely quite the hike to get here, (especially if you take the wrong trail first) but the floating boardwalk near the end is amazing. Lots of sand dunes and another beautiful beach at the end.

I hope you enjoyed all these beautiful places that I love to explore. These are some of the top places in Prince Edward Island. Looking forward to a part 2 as I grow my list even bigger


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