Top Apps for Android users

The Google Play store has many apps, some good and some not so good. I also have a ton of apps on my phone some I use daily and some I forget I have.
These are some of the top apps for Android users and the best part is they are all FREE!
This is my most used app, definitely useful to connect with friends and see what people are up to especially during these crazy times


I love taking pictures and I love seeing other people’s pictures. Instagram has way less drama than Facebook and is a great way to discover new places, foods, fashion and more


I use Pinterest like I use Google, you can search up anything and everything and be bombarded with beautiful images and links to information.


This is my top app for editing photos. I still adjust my photos manually but lately I’ve been getting into presets and there are thousands of beautiful preset packages on the internet.

Among Us

I started playing this game and now I’m hooked. I seen it first on Tik Tok but you basically just maneuver your little guy around either being a crewmates and completing tasks or being an Imposter and sabotaging or killing others.


This is by far my favorite navigation app. I like how simple it is yet users can insert details like cops ahead or nearby accidents.

My shift planner

I’m a nurse so this scheduling app made it super easy to insert my 6 week rotation schedule in over the year. It’s also super easy to add or remove shifts if needed.


I use this editing app more for selfies. It is easier to correct bad tones in skin colors and what not.


Of course Snapchat is on here. I communicate with lots of friends via this. Which usually just involves sending them weird pictures of things I am doing.

Tik Tok

This is the app that has destroyed my sleep schedule. I loved Vine, so of course now I find myself endlessly scrolling watching 100’s of videos on here.

Amazon Shopping

2020 is the year where I hate go shopping. Thankfully Amazon has literally everything so I can order anything from the comfort of my bed!


For when I do have to leave the house I love to use Flipp. It basically has all the recent flyers for all the stores near me and I can just search what I’m looking for and can find the cheapest place to buy.

Hope you enjoyed this list of top apps for Android users!

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