Thrift Store Tips You Need To Know

The majority of my clothing now comes from thrift stores. Not only do I love saving money on clothes, but I also love searching through racks of clothes and finding a good bargain. I would much rather hit up the thrift stores before hitting up the mall. Even though fast fashion stores seem to be taking over I think more and more people are discovering that thrift stores are where it’s at. After all these years shopping at them, I think I have compiled the ultimate list of thrift store tips that you need to know.

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Now I will admit I used to hate shopping at thrift stores. Seeing other kids wearing brand-name clothes while you are rocking used clothing isn’t the best feeling as a child but as I grew older I discovered the true value. Not only do they have nice clothing for good prices, but you can also find so many cool items and furniture and the best thing is that not everyone will have them. Finding things at the thrift store will mean you will most likely be one of the only people that live near you that has it. 

Keep reading for my best thrift store tips that will help you become a thrift store pro!

Thrift Store Tips You Need To Know

thrift store tips

Go With An Open Mind

I always try to go thrift shopping with an open mind. Try to look for inspiration online for items you might not normally buy. Some of my best clothing items I have found at thrift stores are things that I would never buy in-store. Not only is this thrift store tip good for clothing but it is good for anything. You might not buy an antique-looking chair new but with a little TLC an old chair can look unique and new.

Go Early

Going to the thrift store in the morning is a great idea. Staff will start putting out new items when they arrive which means you will be one of the first people to see it. Chances are if it’s a good find that if someone sees it before you they will snatch it up.

Check Out The Thrift Stores Frequently

Depending on the store they may restock daily or it may just be weekly. Certain stores might also not receive as many donations as another store. One store near me doesn’t receive nearly as many donations and I find it best to go every 2 weeks as if I go too often I’m just looking at the same items, whereas another store gets a larger amount and I can go every few days and see new stuff. After visiting your nearby stores a few times you will be able to discover how often they restock and how often you should be visiting.

Shop For Clothing Out Of Season

The best time to get clothing at the thrift stores is off-season. While there may be less of a selection to pick from you will have fewer people looking at these items. This means you might find a better item and it will most likely be at a lower price. Most people donate their items at the end of a season.

Go With A List

One of the thrift store tips I use when looking to update my wardrobe is going in with a list. Before I go I look through my clothing and see what I need. I make a list of these items so I can go and look specifically for these items. If I don’t do this I end up leaving with way too many items that I definitely did not need more of.

Thrift Online

Depending on where you live you might not have the best selection at your thrift stores or you might not have any thrift stores around at all. Don’t worry though thredUP | An Online Consignment & Thrift Store has lots of secondhand clothing, shoes, and accessories that you can buy from the comfort of your own home.

Think About Your Purchase

While thrift shopping is great a really important thrift store tip is to really think about your purchase. Do you need this item, will you really wear this piece of clothing and are you just buying it because it is cheap? I have donated back a lot of clothing because I have bought it and not worn it and then decided months later that I no longer wanted it.

Try-On Clothing

If there is a dressing room I recommend you try things on. We all know certain brands have weird sizing and if the item is older the sizing might have changed altogether. Not only this but just because you like it on the hanger doesn’t mean you will like it on. Its also easier to see if there are any holes, stains or if the item is stretched out once it is on.

Check Out Every Section

I have missed out on lots of great items because I have gone in and not checked out a certain section. This happens often, especially in the housewares and furniture section. I almost missed out on a GHD straightener for $2 because I wasn’t going to look in that area. Thankfully I just happened to pass by and I spotted it. I still use it to this day after almost 2 years.

Go In With Time To Spare

Good thrift store shopping can take some time. You have to be willing to look through racks of clothing, item by item sometimes to find a good deal. I even check sections that are not my size sometimes in case something gets put back in the wrong spot.

Check The Rack Near The Fitting Room

My best thrift store tip is for clothing specifically. I always check the rack near the fitting room. These are the items that people like that they try on but they decide not to get. Usually, I find some nice items here.  

Sign Up For Their Loyalty Program

If your thrift store has one I recommend signing up for it. Not only may you earn money off your purchases but some thrift stores have special sale days and you will be the first to know about them. A thrift store near me has 50% every so often and if you are a member you get the sale price a day early. This is great since if you go the day of the store is absolutely crazy and there is usually nothing left.

What is one of your favorite thrift store finds?

Thrift store shopping is a great way to save money. Here are some thrift store tips to help you get the most out of your trip.

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  1. Great idea. Love second hand clothing.

    1. Me too! Thanks

  2. Awesome tips! I love our local thrift shops and have filled in most of my wardrobe with great finds. One of our shops has 50% off day EVERY SATURDAY.

    1. That’s amazing! I’d be poor if I had a thrift store like that.

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