How to clean your bedroom when the mess is overwhelming

If you have ever had a bedroom so messy that you didn’t even know where to start then this post is for you!

There are many reasons your room could become a mess. You could have too much stuff, you may have had friends over, you might have been going out and created a whirlwind of clothes and lastly, depression can cause your room to spiral out of control.
Regardless of how it got to this state here is the easiest way I have found to clean your room quickly and efficiently.

The first step is to make your bed.

This may seem simple but the first thing you want to do is put anything that is on your bed onto the floor and make your bed. We can worry about washing the sheets later if you need to but this will give you a clean space to work off of.

Next, separate your clean and dirty clothes.

The next thing you want to do is separate your clothes into 2 piles. Grab a clothes basket for your dirty stuff and put your clean clothes on the bed. Now wash the dirty stuff and put the clean stuff away!

Pick up your dishes and garbage.

Chances are if you have been feeling down then you probably have been living in your room. This means you probably have lots of garbage and dishes laying around so take these to be washed and throw out your garbage .

Pick up clutter.

Grab another basket and put things inside that do not belong in your room into this basket. When you are done you can either put this basket outside your room to tackle later or put the items away now.

Next step is to put away the remaining items.

Now everything remaining in your room should belong in there. So pick these items up and put them away.

Last step!!

Since you are almost finished you might as well quickly wipe down surface and either vacuum or sweep. If you really want a Swiffer wet jet will finish off your now clean room.
I hope this motivates you to clean your room by breaking it into easy steps.
Feel free to comment any room cleaning tips below!
Easiest way to clean your room when the mess is overwhelming

Clean your bedroom fast with these simple tips!

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