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Hey guys, today I wanted to talk a little bit about Hello Fresh, the meal kit delivery service. 

hello fresh box

This is great for people just learning to cook or for people wanting to try out new things.
One of the reasons I loved Hello Fresh was its ease of use. I was able to select which meals I wanted and then the following week everything I needed to prepare the meals arrived in a cute box and individually packaged bags.

I try a lot of different recipes and one of the worst things is having to do the grocery shopping. You end up buying things you most likely only need a tiny amount of and that you possibly won’t use again.
Inside this bag everything comes individually wrapped which is one of the only downside as it is a lot of waste but it makes prep easy.


Each recipe has a recipe card that includes 5-6 easy steps to help you prepare the meal. Here I decided to try out the Toasted Brown Rice Bowl. Above is what I started with and below is the final result. I got the kit that contained 2 servings but was able to split in 3 so below is one serving!

All in all id give this about a 8/10, using a coupon code I got my first box for under $25 which contained 3 recipes for 2 people. The boxes are a bit expensive if you don’t use codes and I would also take away some points due to the waste but would recommend people to try at least once.
Here are some pictures of the finished product of the 2 other recipes I received.

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