Practical ways to save money

10 Practical Ways to Save Money

Saving money and getting out of debt can seem stressful. Whether you make good money and enjoy a few luxuries or you are living paycheck to paycheck, saving money can be daunting. Saving money doesn’t have to be difficult though, there are practical ways to save money.

Now in order to save money, you are going to have to skip out on things and you will have to learn to say no. In order to start looking at saving money, you are going to want something to write down your income and your expenses. These are some of the ways I used to pay off my $1000 Student loan, my $2000 credit card and save $2500 in only a few short months. You don’t need to use all these ideas but here are 10 practical ways to save money.

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How to Save Money

Make your coffee at home:  Depending on what you get for coffee this can cost you around $4 a day. That is $1,460 if you buy a coffee every single day of the year. It is much cheaper to buy coffee and creamer/milk at the store and make your own coffee at home. I love my Keurig and the coffee choices are endless.

Buy your clothing used: Now I’m not saying you need to buy all your clothing at the thrift store but looking there before the mall is a great idea. I love to browse the thrift store and have found lots of brand name items for amazing prices. Not only is it good for your wallet, but it is also good for the environment.

Pack your lunch: Packing your lunch can save you even more than making your own coffee at home. I find that I also eat healthier when I am not buying lunch. These containers are great to bring food in and also for meal prepping.

Eat before going out: Despite saving money a lot of our socialization revolves around food. There are still practical ways to save money while still having fun. Before going out to eat with friends eat a light snack. This way you will only need to buy a small appetizer instead of going for a larger, pricier meal.

Shop the Dollar Stores: I love the dollar store. They have so many cute things and things that are practical as well. Some of my favorite things to buy there are cleaning supplies, craft items, storage items. They always have cute seasonal stuff so you don’t have to break the bank decorating for holidays.

Create a budget: One of the ways I was able to save up and pay down my debt was by creating a budget. I wrote down my income and my expenses. If you’re a visual person you will love this planner. Then I was able to see what money I had leftover and was able to figure out how much to put towards certain pills to get them paid off. I found Dave Ramsey online and his advice is great. Here’s his YouTube and his website

Use cash: This went along with creating a budget once I figured out how much I wanted to spend on gas, food, and other categories I decided. I split the money into envelopes and was able to see how much money I had left for each. I used just plain envelopes but I wish I would have gotten these as they are more durable.

Watch movies at home: I do love going to the movies and the popcorn is amazing but it is pricy. To go to the movies for just one person is usually around $20-$25 dollars. Getting a Netflix Subscription or Amazon Prime Video is a great way to watch movies at home. Check out some amazing tv shows too!

Drink more water: Water is the cheapest drink you can find. It’s also the best drink for your body. Here is an awesome filtered bottle that you can take on the go. If you can’t give up your soda, get a soda stream. This will help you save on pop and it tastes just as good.

 Fill your gas tank: I have the worst habit of just putting in $15 dollars of gas every time I turn around. Lately, I have been filling my tank which seems to make it last longer. 

There are lots of practical ways to save money and once you get the hang of things it does become easier. The biggest thing is to be mindful of what you are spending while $5 dollars a day doesn’t seem like a lot at the end of the month that could be an extra $150 a month in your pocket. Take it one step at a time and be patient with yourself and you will be saving in no time.

What are some of your favorite ways to save money?

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